OpenMS Enterprise

bioinformatics data quality & management

OpenMS Enterprise open source-based computational platform offers full-service data quality control and management for mass spectrometry data, including:

  • a la carte data pipeline build-up

  • standard data format supported by HUPO PSI

  • deployment in various environments: 

    • stand alone - local, cloud, hybrid, docker 

    • integrated with Galaxy Enterprise

    • contact us for Knime and other workflow platform support

  • turn-key computational workflow templates

  • enterprise cloud service with SLA and security

Other services include:

  • enterprise-level support for mission critical production environment

  • professional services for application integration

  • custom mass spectrometry computational workflow design services

  • production environment optimization

  • data qc and management best practice consulting

  • outsourcing services: R&D and production

Ties to Community

OpenMS Enterprise takes pride in its close association with the OpenMS open source community, which has been a driving force in solving data quality challenges within academics.


In addition to the the core features and functions of OpenMS open source version, OpenMS Enterprise provides professional support, customization, and add-on features that meet the demands of today's commercial organizations.

To learn more about the OpenMS community, please visit: