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biosurveillance solution for food safety & security


The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 40-50 million Americans are sickened from foodborne illnesses every year and nearly 3000 die. Various government initiatives have been established to address this problem, however, current programs are reactive and designed to control an outbreak once it has been confirmed. 

AgSecure is the first proactive approach to food supply security and contamination / infestation detection and control. This end-to-end solution incorporates biometrics, analytics, and machine-learning in order to perform real-time analysis of crop integrity from producer to consumer. Contamination arising from natural or intentional causes is rapidly identified, food recalls are reduced, and farms achieve better crop yields.

AgSecure is a cloud-based, proteogenomic/transcriptomic biosurveillance solution with the following capabilities and characteristics:

  • automated data analysis pipeline with AI and visualization capabilities

  • specialized workflows within Galaxy Enterprise for data QC, analysis, and both individual and aggregated reporting

  • GIS tagging system maps contamination location and severity

  • integration of disparate data types provide complete scope of potential threat

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