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Life Sciences 360

optimized precision medicine and patient care

​An innovative Life Sciences and Healthcare informatics platform fully integrating all key players. A turn-key solution for precision medicine and personalized care.

  • Full project life-cycle consulting

  • Architecture design and implementation

  • End-to-end project management

  • Highly trained engineering resources

  • Post-implementation maintenance


an inward approach





Key features:

  • Integrated multi-omics platform, including chemical analytics integration

  • Machine Learning (multi-omics matching and classification for sub-phenotype ID)

  • Well-defined and fine-tuned platform (On-prem and Cloud)

  • High throughput real-time feed into highly scalable and flexible NoSQL databases

  • End-to-end metadata management, including data lineage

  • Interactive, dynamic visualization

  • Common and flexible data format for all data within platform; allows stateful data query at any stage

  • Customizable fit for variable procedures and settings

  • Fully open source; no vendor lock-in

Clinical Data:

an outward approach

Key features:

  • Full 360 view of patient clinical data

  • Machine Learning to identify target and matching parameters for each patient

  • Fine-tuned platform (On-prem and Cloud): real-time and/or batch analysis

  • Interoperable and flexible format for all data within platform

  • Well-defined, fast and flexible big data storage

  • End-to-end metadata management including data lineage

  • Connectivity with existing EMR and other operational applications

  • Data governance and data quality control

  • Fully open source; no vendor lock-in

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