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biosurveillance solution for infectious disease


Recent advancements in biomarker analysis have improved the accuracy and efficiency in which infectious disease can be identified through host response. However, there remains a critical gap in biosurveillance, data aggregation, and timely dissemination of information to health stakeholders, leaving all of those in its path vulnerable to exposure.


SALUS, named for the Roman Goddess of Health and Welfare, reduces the time to action in the case of natural or manmade pandemic disease. It was designed to align with current national biosurveillance initiatives and directives.

SALUS is a cloud-based, proteogenomic/transcriptomic biosurveillance solution with the following capabilities and characteristics:

  • automated data analysis pipeline with AI and visualization capabilities

  • specialized workflows within Galaxy Enterprise for data QC, analysis, and both individual and aggregated reporting

  • GIS tagging system maps infectious disease location and severity

  • integration of clinical, analytical, and informational data provides complete scope of potential threat


For more information, please contact us.

* Currently seeking technology, clinical, and funding partners *

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