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health equity and inclusion platform


Many issues associated with high cost and operational inefficiency in healthcare are interrelated: poor distribution of services and facilities, unnecessary use of emergency care, and a growing uncompensated patient pool coupled with rising healthcare costs.

WheresMyDoc is a software platform that seeks to redefine precision health by helping patients find needed healthcare services at the right time, right location, by the right care provider via real-time mobile app and web-based application. Overall objectives: reduce wait time for treatment by load balancing patients across a regional health system, build public healthcare system sustainability and profitability, drive healthcare accessibility to all patients regardless of socioeconomic status.

WheresMyDoc is a fully cloud-based precision health platform with the following capabilities and characteristics:

  • real-time geographic information system (GIS) to connect patients and clinics within the target geographic location 

  • built and optimized to run on mobile devices and web browsers to access needed information from anywhere and at anytime  

  • advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to connect diverse data from various sources in near real-time for higher accuracy and relevancy with each patient's medical profile

  • easily integratable with service providers' existing IT infrastructures to maximize the usability and benefits for all stakeholders involved 

  * Download WheresMyDoc Executive Summary  

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For more information, please contact us.

* Currently seeking funding partners *

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