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bioinformatics solution platform

Biosurveillance & Biodefense

A well-defined, interagency-level computational platform capable of obtaining near real-time views of known, unknown, and emerging natural and engineered biothreats helps to maintain biosurveillance and biodefense systems. The ideal platform uses the most advanced bioinformatics and has the ability to incorporate existing and future pathogen-relevant databases for accurate compound identification and analysis.

Our Biosurveillance and Biodefense Solution is built upon the computational foundation of Galaxy Enterprise. Features of this solution include:

  • proteomics analyses and visualization of genomics data

  • transcriptomic data driven analyses of mass spectrometry based proteomics datasets

  • quantitative analyses and taxonomic characterization of functional microbiome datasets

  • metabolomics analyses of mass spectrometry data 

  • software tools within Galaxy framework for analysis of large datasets

  • fully open source - file and tool shareability for widespread collaboration

  • pluggable, customizable computational workflows allow fast detection, analysis, and interpretation of rapid changes in known and unknown pathogens

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