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Medical Cannabis

bioinformatics solution platform

Bioinformatics allows scientists to determine relationships between cannabinoid compounds and specific omics molecules relevant to target diseases. Ability to demonstrate scientifically proven relationships between cannabinoid compounds and omics at the molecular level will determine drugability, potentially leading to more approvals of cannabinoid-based medications.

Our Medical Cannabis Solution is built upon the computational foundation of Galaxy Enterprise. Features of this solution include:

  • advanced data management + metadata

  • data quality control with visualization

  • highly scalable informatics

  • raw and processed mass spectrometry data storage (non-proprietary)

  • fully customized computational workflows for medical cannabis drug development (capable of identifying over 70 million drug compounds)

  • professional services dedicated to building medical cannabis databases and libraries

Advanced features include:

  • artificial intelligence service for drugability analysis (ligand binding rate predictions)

  • end-point integration with clinical applications for patient care decision support system and healthcare record management system

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