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high-throughput biomedical data management

OmicsDATA covers full life-cycle data management - from raw data acquisition to clinical production/applications - in order to secure data integrity and prevent data loss. We offer the following OmicsDATA tools (used separately or combined) that allow you to fully manage and leverage your data:

Biomedical data is growing faster and more complex with the use of high-performance measuring instruments, and conventional storage methods are no longer keeping up with the demand. OmicsDATA Store is our enterprise-grade open source data storage product that solves your big data acquisition and scalable storage challenges.

OmicsDATA Base is our open source biomedical database product offering future-proof features such as near-unlimited capacity for expansion, extreme elasticity, robust security, and innovation that adapts and grows with your business. Databases can be deployed on local, cloud, or hybrid environments depending on your specific needs, IT guidelines, and policies.

Clinical mass spectrometry projects, including omics, may require end-to-end data management and traceability through generation of metadata for each sample. OmicsDATA LIMS ensures sustainability and reproducibility of analytical data through its advanced data life-cycle management technology.

Data quality control and normalization are prerequisites to analysis. OmicsDATA QC uses specific QC metrics from three main groups: instrument parameters (spectra quality), ID-based parameters (statistics and database discrepancies), and technical parameters (sample metadata). It offers data quality visualization for intermediate mass spectrometry data in the pipeline as an optional feature.

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